Serious Investor Inquiries Only

Serious Investor Inquiries Only

I appreciate a moment of your time.

Suppose someone were to write you, quite seriously, saying that they may have the answer that solves the energy ‘problem’.  A potential solution that involves neither oil, nor coal, wind, water, sun, bio, magnets, fuel cells, trash, algae, etc for generation.  An idea that is 100% ‘clean’ with no pollutants, both initially and operationally inexpensive, and if those were not enough, has the ability to operate more or less on demand without the need for unnecessary storage cost.  A solution that can be used as a consumer product at the home, a business product, or an industrial output product.  A solution that can scale with no problem.  Something so novel, hundreds of hours of research and thousands of pages of study on top websites and journals from around the world can’t find even a mention of it.  Does that sound like something you wouldinvest in?

What if I say I freely admit I could be completely and totally wrong in the assumptions I make concerning my idea and, for that reason, it is not my intention at this stage to enrich myself.

No, my only hope at this time is to connect to a well funded and very well connected investor in the energy sector who will allow me the funds, freedom, and help needed to build a prototype and prove this potentially revolutionary idea. Should my invention work as I believe it will, then and only then would I seek considerable compensation for my invention as we move forward with patents, etc.

Here is the basic outline of how this investment might work.

1.  You will have nearly 100% control over personnel — From your Rolodex and business connections will come those contracted to create a working prototype.  Those proficient in Autodesk, various metals, electricity, mathematics, physics, fabricators, and the like will be needed.  Like a Top-Secret agency working in the federal government, it is my desire to not allow the right hand to know what the left hand is doing within these teams.  They are not to know the field and nature of what they may be involved with.  They should not have contact with each other.  They should be in different cities if at all possible.  Step by step I will work closely with these teams to build 3Gv2 to my exact specifications.

2.  You have 100% control over the testing location — Once certain that 3Gv2 is in fact viable, and after the teams have built the parts to the prototype, you choose the location you’re most comfortable holding a demonstration at. This place can be in a field or park, far away from any electricity so that you can be confident that 3Gv2 works exactly as I’m proposing it will.

3. I could be completely wrong about 3Gv2. One of the many reasons I’m seeking an investment partner is to have access to the people I need in order to make the prototype and prove 3Gv2 works as I believe it will.  I’ve never made a unit. I simply don’t have access to the capital, the minds, or the parts needed to do so – thus 3Gv2 remains an idea, a theory.  I freely admit that every assumption I’ve made could be off base. It’s for that reason, unlike most all potential Clean Tech investments, I say Fail Fast and don’t spend a lot of money.

4.  If I am wrong, I’m no better off financially than when we started. My request for investment is about having the opportunity to prove 3Gv2 right and change the world.  I am not in this to waste your time or steal your money.  If my assumptions on 3Gv2 are correct and it works as I believe it will, by virtue of owning the intellectual property/eventual patent rights, I am going to be a very wealthy individual and you are going to have made the most important investment in the history of venture investing (a bold but true statement).  It’s for this reason and this reason alone I want to state clearly that at this stage, it is not my intention to ‘get rich’ on investment dollars.  It is my intention to see 3Gv2 to the patent filing stage where, like any inventor or person with valuable intellectual property, I will then take a modest advance on future royalties earned based on that intellectual property.  If my assumptions are wrong and 3Gv2 fails to do what I believe it will, I will take comfort in knowing I’m in good company with those who have tried yet failed, and I didn’t take years or rob anyone to find out.

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